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Cornerstone Construction Consultants is a Western Australian building engineering and construction management organisation with staff experienced in managing and supervising in excess of 4,000 buildings in residential, apartments, commercial, industrial, civil, resources, retail, and institutional facilities throughout all phases of development from early feasibility, through design, documentation, approvals, tendering, construction, commissioning, handover, operations and maintenance and demolition.

We use our experiences working for major engineering design, development and building contractor organisations to assist you in managing your building challenges from feasibility through construction, defects, claims management to operations and maintenance. Our experiences will help you prevent many building problems prior to them occurring. If your problems have already occurred we will provide you a depth of understanding and sound options to address them.

Our services may vary from a single issue service to the implementation of a complete management function. We provide services for houses and apartment buildings; hotels; villages; offices, retail, institutional and community buildings; low, mid and high rise buildings; and industrial workshops and facilities throughout Western Australia including in cyclonic regions.

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